Metal Mama’s Verdict

This is just a quick report to say that, whilst she kept me waiting almost beyond endurance, Metal Mama gave a favourable verdict.

Thankfully I shall start 2012 officially free of cancer.  I think it is going to be a year of no limits!

To everyone reading this post, Happy New Year!

4 comments on “Metal Mama’s Verdict

  1. walkingrunningstumbling says:

    Excellent news!!

  2. Jenny Naylor says:

    This is wonderful news! We are all thrilled for you. Ever onward and upward! Happy New Year to you both, may it exceed all your hopes…….Love from Jenny and Co Unlimited.

    • Clairetrude says:

      Thank you Jenny. I have a really great feeling of optimism for 2012 and hope I can really make the most of my new lease of life. Happy New Year to you and your unlimited co. too!!

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